Crypto Miner



A Crypto Miners Client who is a hosting and crypto mining business venture focusing on green energy. It also has its data centers located in Europe with miners as its inventory. It has a joint venture with an ecofriendly data farming company to create a new product offering heat reselling, grid balancing, data farming using green energy and to mark its existence in European markets.

Business Requirement 

The company had started its operations in Switzerland and was looking to expand and grow around Europe, as well as diversify into the green energy sector with assistance in M&A activities. It needed support in setting up its accounting department, as well as hiring employees. In addition, it required expertise from Admantium in deal evaluation with clients, hosting partnerships, miner acquisition, projects onboarding and capital requirements in addition to building token ecosystem.

How Admantium helped
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Helped in organizational setting up of accounting with features of crypto accounting and multi-currency transactions. Linking the crypto wallets transaction to accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks to derive the financial reports. Recording of transactions with monthly and fortnightly reports showcasing cash position, debt schedule, sales, inventory, assets, directors, and shareholders’ report with monthly financial statements. These were in addition to invoicing and inventory management.

Investment and Fund Management

Assisted and advised on financing activities for raising capital through debt, equity, and other structured notes by drafting out the reports and valuation models.


Drafted monthly, quarterly budgets along with working capital management, accounts receivable and payable management to determine cashflow and manage treasury side of equation.

Project Evaluation

Strategic advice for evaluation of project deals of hosting facilities, miner acquisitions and customer proposals. Built dynamic and complex models with investor, client, and customer perspectives, with deals encompassing greenhouses, fish farming, mining through green energy sources and hosting facilities at different capacities and geographies. Showcasing the output through various indicators like NPV, IRR, Payback period, different time periods projection costs and income and bitcoin mining calculations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Well evaluated the Joint Venture deal with green energy and data farming companies for expansion of the business into new products. Successfully executed the deal by laying out terms and conditions, like sharing of revenue, profit percentages, responsibilities, etc.

Product Development

Assisted in building of the product by performing market research to evaluate product costs and pricing, along with a competitive edge.

Token Economics

Analyzed the token utility for each stakeholder of the business with pricing mechanism of the tokens for its sale and forecasted the future price growth of token by factoring in risks and volatility of the market. Further determining the allocation, emission and vesting of token with function of its supply and utility.

Performance Management

Review and present the monthly, fortnightly, and yearly reports highlighting performance and financial health of the company with financial statements, ratio analysis and cash burn analysis to management.