Mega App



A never-done-before Mega App Client with Dual Feed AI Technology (News & Video Feeds). It is a ‘People-Driven App’ that offers the most used and unique features from popular social media platforms under a single umbrella. This ensures a seamless user experience and eliminates the fear of missing essential information from one app while using the other one. 

Additionally, it rewards users by gamifying the distribution of coins. It offers a never-had-before experience by intertwining social and economic aspects together. Users will be able to earn exchangeable coins from their engagement on the app, including sharing a post/video, contact referrals, live streaming on the platform, share stories, etc. It has unique opportunities for brands and influencers to connect with one another through its matching engine.  

Business Requirement 

The Client was introduced to Admantium at the ideation stage, with the concept of creating a mega app like other social media platforms under one roof. It required assistance with management of the finance department, accounting services, development of the product and bringing it into the market. The end-to-end solution for turning an idea into real business.

How Admantium helped
Accounting and Bookkeeping

Provided accounting services by setting up software, managing transactions and drafting monthly reports like Cash flows, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities to name a few, with elements of multi-currency. Cash burn analysis and runway model of the business to complement its fund raise. Managed the treasury and usage of funds to be deployed in the business.

Payroll Management

Assisted in building team of organisation by hiring of employee, managing the monthly payroll by preparation of monthly calculations of payroll file.


Performed market study for building algorithm of brand influencer matching engine and reward incentive mechanism for users. Using economics expertise, built the ecosystem and utility models with pricing graphs for smooth flow of rewards. Also created a dynamic and complex financial model to determine the financing requirement of the business. Helped in the implementation of these models with a team of developers, finance, business development, and AI.

Marketing Documents 

Assisted in building the business structure for social media with US focused market. Evaluation of features of competitors’ elements to create a mega app with competitive edge. 

Building of the whitepaper, business plan ready for investor outreach.


Strategically recommended for partnerships deals covering marketing like Celebrity and Influencer management to attract the right users on the platform. Technological partnership for AI assistance and user interface.


Built an investor database comprising VCs, HNIs, Influencers, Communities, Angels, and Funds, based on investment philosophy of investors and requirements of the project. 

Managed Investor outreach process by reaching out to investors via telegram, email, LinkedIn, along with attending investor meetings, closing deals and follow-ups. 

Creating a database for managing investor relations with recording of legal contracts, KYC and Funds transfer details, in addition to timely updates on the project.